Professional Geographic Information Systems

We design and develop solutions employing geoinformation technologies. It is the extensive know-how and experience in the fields of information technology, geography, cartography etc. that allows us to tailor our products and services to the needs of our users/customers.

Being one of the key players in geoinformatics in the Czech Republic, you can find T-MAPY products and services in everyday use in sectors of public administration, emergency services, transportation, and the private sector notwithstanding. We are located in Hradec Kralove with several subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our activities are not limited to the marketplace of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. T-MAPY aims to succeed in implementing projects in other parts of Europe and oversees. In this respect, our company enjoys the convenience of being a member of T-Kartor Group, an international group led by T-Kartor Sweden.

Software & Services

Our Products and Services make your work with spatial information more efficient. We possess a unique combination of experience and know-how, together with vision, creativity and the ability to design and deliver the desired solution. We are not interested in following trends – we want to participate with you in setting new ones.

  • Professional Services

    Custom programming, geodata obtaining and processing, GIS technology implementation, cartographic production, analyses, studies...

  • Software

    Web-based map SW, applications of municipal information systems, Esri technology extensions, transportation dispatch SW, mobile GIS, 3D GIS...


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  • Public administration GIS

    We create complete geographical information systems, geoportals as well as dedicated applications. We provide outer and inner integration and communication within the system. We process and deliver desired data (cadastral maps, technical maps, city plans, flood zone maps, etc.).

    • hundreds of successfully implemented projects
    • technology selection based on customer needs and preferences
  • Public administration agenda IS

    T-MAPY develops database applications with map interface that enable public administration organizations to perform more efficiently.

    • hundreds of successfully implemented projects
    • integration with existing IS applications is provided
  • Transportation dispatch software

    We deliver dispatch management software for operators of public transport as well as transportation companies. We provide integration with existing systems, communication networks and vehicle hardware. We process and deliver required geodata.

    • final solution tailored to fit customers' needs
    • virtually any data can be integrated into our dispatch software
  • Emergency services operational and crisis management

    Our company develops and implements GIS software which is employed on daily bases in emergency services. A standard GIS client for fire rescue service operators, medical emergency operators and other segments of emergency services is part of our solutions.

    • our applications help to save lives every day
    • our solutions meet very high requirements for system reliability
  • Localization, navigational and AVL systems

    In our range of products, we have off-the-shelf solutions as well as made-to-measure solutions designed to monitor moving objects and localized events in the fields of ground, river and nautical navigation. We deliver localization subsystems that enable users to manage and evaluate transportation. Geographical data of choice can also be provided by us.

    • our solutions are employed in a variety of fields – ranging from people movement monitoring, public transport monitoring to nautical and river navigation
  • Cartographic and data production systems

    We design and implement serial map production technologies and methodologies together with map output control and automated data issuing incorporated.

    • detailed knowledge of data and cartographic production
    • experience with implementing two largest production systems in the Czech Republic


T-MAPY spol. s r.o.
Špitálská 150
500 03 Hradec Králové 3
Czech Republic

+420 498 511 111
GPS 50.2095, 15.8316

Company branches

  • Praha 4 - Podolí Brabcova 1159/2 147 00 Czech Republic

    Tel. +420 241 433 878

  • Brno Cejl 892/32 602 00 Czech Republic

    Tel. +420 539 030 492

  • Ostrava - Pustkovec Technologická 372/2 708 00 Czech Republic

    Tel. +420 597 305 943

  • Banská Bystrica (SK) Medený Hámor 15 974 01 Slovak Republic

    Tel. +421 484 155 712